Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

So yesterday...sadness! I feel weird for putting this depressing stuff on my blog since a blog should be something fun and nice to read! But, if you think about, it's really not my fault. It's the whalers' fault! And the illegal poachers of marine animals out there! So don't blame me for the sad stuff, but just transfer all that to the real bad guys. 
Let's see...I need to pump up the mood. What about a joke! Okay, get ready for hilariousness. Why did the whale cross the road? (Imagine a whale can actually cross a road, please.) To get to the other tide! Get it? Hopefully I didn't make too much of a fool of myself. If you didn't like it, sorry, I don't have anymore fish-related jokes. For now...
While I think of more jokes, I can tell you guys another backstory! I know every one of you like those. Story time, boys and girls!
I just recently came back a couple weeks ago from my awesome vacation to St. Maarten, an island in the Lesser Antilles just north of South America. Great place to visit, definitely. I obviously had to go on a snorkeling adventure, duh. No brainer. So, my friend and I went all out, sailed for 7 hours all over the island with Alan (our guide), and snorkeled in 4 different reefs. Best idea ever! 
These reefs were some of the most abundant I've encountered. Over the 4 reefs, I observed jellyfish (fortunately, no stings), stingrays, hundreds of sea urchins (yes, literally hundreds), crabs, and even turtles. Yeah, I said it. Turtles! I think they were Green sea turtles, but not sure. Either that or Hawksbill. These were the first turtles I'd ever seen in the wild. Of course I have seen them in the aquariums and zoos and such, but never in the ocean swimming leisurely eating sea grass. The latter mentioned is so much better of an experience, if you're wondering.  
Picture this: You're slowly swimming along with your snorkel gear and you notice these bodies on the ocean floor, say 20-25 feet down. You see that they're sea turtles and freak out, literally screaming in the water of over-excitement! (At least, that's what my friend and I did. Don't judge.) You feel like a giddy little girl (or boy, whatever your preference) staring at these creatures in wonder. The urge to get as close to it as possible comes over you. Not to touch, but just close enough to see into its little black eyes. 
Unfortunately one swims away. Guess they didn't like the sea grass in that area. Or maybe it was the screaming. Not sure. The other one stays, thankfully. Then you see it ascending the water column to the surface! (Turtles breathe air, folks.) This is your chance! You tear off your flotation device in no time and throw it to your friend without even looking. Eyes on the prize. You dive down closer to the marine animal and glide with it up to the surface. You can see its features so clearly. They really are so majestic. Then it starts to go back down to its sea grass on the bottom. Those few seconds of interaction were so worth it, right?
I'm so glad you hung in with me and relived one of the coolest underwater experiences of my life! Gotta love those backstories. Well, I do. All in all, Alan guided me into a perfect day in tropical marine paradise with my two new best turtle-friends! Actually, one best turtle-friend. That other one was a little intolerant of our school children screams. 
Until next time, friends! More later!  


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