Sunday, January 5, 2014

The "Blackfish" Blowup

I hope you all have seen the documentary "Blackfish." A must-see, I have to say. Now, if you need to be convinced to see it, let me do the honors...This documentary, whether you agree with the controversy discussed or not, is highlighting a hot topic in the media right now. That would be the topic of the captivity of marine mammals, specifically the majestic killer whale, or orca whale. Yes, these black and white creatures of the seas are and have been in captivity for years now in marine parks. In the documentary, Sea World is targeted. The injuries, mutilations, and killings of trainers and other individuals by captive killer whales are the main conversation in this film. I'm telling you, people blew up about it. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Miley Cyrus even tweeted out to their fans to watch the film and see the cruelty. Musical guests backed out on performing at Sea World after seeing the film, such as Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies. Big things are happening. People are talking. You need to see this film.
Russell Brand tweeting after watching "Blackfish."
I have to say after watching this film, I never ever wanted to go to Sea World, just like Russell Brand said in his tweet. Of course I have my own stance on it. It happens to be the popular stance: killer whales, rather any marine mammal period, should not be held in captivity. I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm pretty sure that the reason why these whales are killing and mutilating people is maybe because they are frustrated. They are probably extremely tired, or stressed, or angry at their circumstance. These whales have been separated from their families, sent off to different parts of the globe, and trained to do tricks all their lives. That doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. And that also doesn't sound like the life that killer whales in the ocean have. Killer whales in their natural habitat are predators. They hunt in packs. They're ridiculously social, just like other whales and dolphins. They have highly developed brains, which means they're smarter than your average starfish. These are beautiful animals that travel far distances every day. But now they're locked up in a cage, a fraction of the space they're used to on a daily basis. Captivity for these intelligent creatures in wrong. Period. No question about it.
People have gone to court over this controversy. This isn't just about the whales anymore. This is about the people who care for them while in captivity. Are they in grave danger while in the water with them? Should they be allowed to swim with them, or just give commands at a distance? Should they be able to interact with these whales at all? Sea World doesn't have any plans to shut down their money-making water parks, believe me. They will fight to keep trainers in contact with the whales because they want to make money. It's a business to them. To me, and to a lot of others that have seen this movie, it's more than that. It's about giving these whales the right quality of life. We cannot play God with them. They live in the ocean; that's where they were when we found them, and that's where they should stay.
I hope you watch the film. It's worth the hour and 23 minutes of your precious time. And if you've seen "Blackfish," what do you think about it? Do you agree with Sea World's claims or not? Maybe this will open our eyes to the many monstrosities that happen that the public never knows about.

For more information on the "Blackfish" blowup, be sure to visit the Blackfish official website.

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