Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

These guys are all about ending the destruction of marine habitats all over the world due to overfishing, whaling, poaching, etc. Also, they want to end the merciless slaughter of marine animals. They campaign for whales, seals, sharks, dolphins, tuna, oil spills, and the Galapagos Islands. You may have seen some of their campaigning on their show "Whale Wars." It's a reality television series about their last 4 campaigns to the Southern Ocean to stop Japanese whalers. And, may I mention, they have some rockin' merchandise. Check it out!


GreenPeace is definitely the most well known. They have been around for a long time. They're the biggest independent direct-action environmental organization in the world according to their website! They are involved in so many campaigns, including standing up for the Arctic wildlife, saving forests, saving marine life, stopping further global warming, and eliminating toxic chemicals. There's probably more, but you can just find that out on your own when you visit their site!

Save Japan Dolphins

These guys are awesome! I have their bumper sticker on my car! Ric O'Barry, the head honcho really, has the most amazing story. If you have the extra cash, be sure to purchase his award-winning documentary "The Cove." These dolphins in Japan, specifically Taiji, Japan, are being slaughtered and no one is doing anything about it. It's such a great organization, and their merchandise is pretty cool, too. Click and visit!


This organization is based in Tokyo, Japan, and is all about saving sharks! In Asia, shark fins are highly desirable in restaurants to make shark fin soup. Because of the high demand, shark species of all kinds all over the world are being "finned" and thrown back into the water to suffocate to death. These guys started their grassroots organization only a few years ago, so they're newer to the scene. But still, they have the coolest educational website and awesome merchandise. I didn't hesitate to buy one of their rad t-shirts. You should buy one, too, so we can be twins!

Operation Seahorse

The cause sounds so cool just by the name that you should already be intrigued! These guys want to learn as much as they can about, you guessed it, seahorses. Not a lot of people know that they are overfished because of the tourism business (dried seahorse souvenirs). Also, traditional practices of medicine in certain countries believe in using seahorses in different ways to cure ailments. You can visit, check out cool facts about these little creatures, read their blog, and donate any amount to help further their cause! 


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