Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012

What a good Sunday it's been! I hope you, my multitude of faithful readers, have also had a nice day. So today, friends, is a big day. Today is July 15th! Why is it such a big deal, you ask? Well, this calls for yet another backstory. So thanks for asking.
Five years. It's been five years since my trip to Australia. You know, that trip to Australia I talked about  some time ago? Yeah, that one. I came back on the 15th five years ago today! Every year I look back and can't believe the time that has passed. 
Five years ago today I had no idea I would be where I am. I didn't know anything, really. Just think of yourself but half a decade younger. Weird, right? Priorities have been changed. Perspectives have been flipped. New ideas, new friends, new opportunities. It's like looking back into another life before I knew, like, everything. Okay, I don't know everything. But I definitely know more than I did five years earlier. Not just academically, but spiritually and emotionally. 
It took a month to get rid of the jet lag. It probably would've gone away earlier, but I think I held onto it. I guess I wanted to hold on to as much as I could that related to my trip. I missed that foreign country halfway around the world. I missed the constant traveling. I missed what I had gotten used to for what seemed like months. Not really even the people. Yes, kind of the people, but mostly the experiences. I mean, I could give you at least 20 different stories of things I did (snorkeling, spelunking, feeding wild dolphins and birds, playing cricket, attending my first rugby game, bushwalking, etc.).
Every day was jam packed with all kinds of new adventures I will never be able to recreate. At the time I sort of knew I would never be the same, but it didn't really sink in until I got back. 
Have you had a life-changing trip happen in your life that flipped everything upside down? You know, I always like hearing other people's stories! Feel free to leave a comment and share :) Talk to y'all soon!


Greg said...


So Glad to see that your People to People Program had such an impact on your life :)

Would love to hear more or maybe let you share your experience with some of the current Ambassadors.

Head of Admissions Tennessee
People to People Ambassador Programs
Greg Naker

Claire Robinson said...

Greg, thank you! I will be sure to email you.

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