Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

Ugh, another day of sitting in a meeting...and I felt like that 4 year old who is way in over their head again. Do you ever get in that rut of giving yourself pep talk after pep talk and it only sticks for maybe 5 seconds? That was today for me! Ugh. Just ugh. 
I have the urge to talk about something I actually know stuff about. The ocean! Are you surprised? (You shouldn't be, oh faithful readers.) So big. So vast. So blue. So full of life! Even in the ocean's depths where the light can't penetrate, there is life. For some reason I am just extremely fascinated by the deep ocean. If you have ever seen footage from the deep, you know what I'm talking about when I saw it's dark down there. There's absolutely no light, I mean no light, anywhere. How do things live down there? Gosh, it's so cool. 
Scientists have said the surface of the moon is more explored than the depths of the ocean. Wow. We have gone on the moon more than below the water's surface on our own planet! Personally I would love to have the experience of traveling to this alien world just below us. 
This short video is nice, right? It shows bioluminescent creatures deep down in the ocean that have been highlighted in different documentaries over the years. My personal favorite has to be Blue Planet, a BBC documentary series production. Planet Earth has a good deep ocean episode, too. But props to Blue Planet. 
There have only been a certain small number of people who have had the opportunity to actually get into a deep sea submersible and venture to the depths. Hopefully I might get the chance! Someday... 


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