Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

Ahh, what a fantastic weekend it has been! I had so much fun taking a break from the usual flow of regular life visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee with some college friends! I know, right? So awesome. Truthfully, I would have had an excessive amount of fun with them no matter where we went. Do you have that group of friends (or friend) that when you hang out, you just can't stop thinking of how grand of a time you're having? And you don't want it to end? I seriously love those girls so much. 
We went putt-putting our first night there, and I had to admit that I was a putt-putt virgin. Yes, laugh all you want. It's true! I guess I always thought the mini-golfing experience would be pretty lame. However, I have to report to you that it was actually very amusing. Okay, I may have been 11 points over par at the end of the game, but still! And no hole in one, sadly. I'm obviously not a natural-born pro at it!
Saturday we all traveled down the road to a little place called Dollywood. Maybe some of you have never heard of it, so I'll just sum up: Dollywood, a family-friendly area, is an amusement park with all sorts of rides and coasters for all ages! (Located in Pigeon Forge, TN, USA) Founded by Dolly Parton, the very famous and blonde country singer/actress. 
Also something to add to that little summary. Everyone needs to go there! Well, maybe not everyone. At once. But somehow all people should experience Dollywood at least once in their life! It's southern, clean (mostly), and just overall entertaining. Did I mention southern? Because it's southern alright. Like hillbilly. In a good way, believe me! 
Well, it's been a break this weekend, but work starts up tomorrow again! Ugh. I guess I'll just put my best foot forward and see how this thing works out. One day at a time, like they say, right? Wish me luck! Talk to y'all later!


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