Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

Guess where I went on this glorious day today, friends?! Cummins Falls State Park about 15 minutes outside of Cookeville, TN. You know, it's such a beautiful little park, filled with great scenery and a nice waterfall and wading pool. Funny thing is, officially the paths are "moderately easy," but I beg to differ. Those trails were not for the faint hearted! Almost 2 and a half miles of hiking in all and I was about to keel over...but I didn't. 
Well, on a completely different subject, I feel the need to educate the masses on a few things going on in the marine world since I am That Girl Who Likes Whales. Let's see, there's so much to say! I'll just pick something and run with it. Bear with me :)
Ah, Shark Week. Best week of the year, kids. I look forward to it all summer sadly. This year it begins on Discovery Channel on August 12. Get ready for some fintastic action with great whites, bulls, white tips, makos, blues, and tigers...(and lions and bears, oh my). Sorry, that was kinda weird. There are no lion sharks or bear sharks, just in case you care. 
I can't tell you how many years I've watched this special week; I remember watching it as a kid on vacation once actually. Didn't want to get in the water that much on the vacation after that. 
For a while I had mixed feelings about sharks. There's been a long history full of nasty rumors about them (blood-thirsty man eaters, searching for their next meal along the beaches where you vacation mostly). But after a few years of faithfully watching Shark Week, I learned how misunderstood they really are. 
Anywho, talk about this more later! So much to talk about but I don't have the attention span to sit at this computer blubbering anymore. I know you guys are dying to hear more! Talk to y'all tomorrow!


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