Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

Well, it's been a pretty decent day today! Not a great day, like finding a $10 bill on the ground outside Walmart, but an okay day, like maybe finding a lucky penny in the parking lot. Hope all of y'all out there had a good one as well.
So, back to the subject highlighted from yesterday: sharks! Gotta respect these animals of the ocean. They have been the top predators in the marine world for millions of years. Yes, they were alive when the dinos were here. So the next time you see one, be sure to show some respect for them and keep your distance. I know so many of you will be looking for a shark or two sometime this summer. I already saw mine in Florida! (Don't worry, I was far away from them, just spotting the fins.)
Since I am so interested in the marine life, including sharks, I obviously have a favorite! Wait for it...the biggest fish in the sea...the size of a school bus or bigger...weighing an average of 20 tons...the whale shark! These guys are so cool! I saw one for the first time on TV when I was watching the Crocodile Hunter swim beside one in the wild. By the way, that diver will one day be me. No joke, I will do it someday!
Some of you might say, "That Girl Who Likes Whales! The Georgia Aquarium has whale sharks you can swim with for a large price! Live your dream!" Then I will respond saying that, first off, that's a buttload of money! Second, and more importantly, swimming alongside one of these creatures or really any marine animal is never the same in a glass box as it is in the wild. Imagine it: you see this dark mass gliding right under the surface of the blue tropical waters. It is far larger than you thought it would be, and looks daunting. Anyhow, you jump in and see this alien-like creature with a mouth that can suck you into it's body in a split second. But it doesn't. Awesome stuff. 
Fact of the day with the whale shark: it's throat is the size of a quarter! So no worries about being sucked up and eaten by a whale shark. Nevertheless, that would be a pretty cool way to die if it could happen. 
Stay tuned for more! 


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