Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Northern Alaskan Frontier: Drill Central

Good, solid day today. Not too much excitement, but I did some grown-up stuff today! Like buying internet for my apartment! It's like grown-up Christmas! I don't know why I was so ecstatic about it. Maybe because I went and did it all by myself. Yes, thank you for your applause. 
Has everybody been hearing the news with Shell? If not, I will inform you! Well, apparently Shell has announced that they will be doing explorative drilling in the northern Alaskan seas. President Obama had given the go ahead to them kind of out of the blue, and now they're planning on starting the project this month. (It was so out of the blue that I didn't even hear about it until maybe a week ago.) Of course, since the Alaskan wilderness they are planning to drill in is considered one of the last pristine parts of the world, people went off their rockers. Activists from all over the world are in an uproar desperately fighting Shell's plans.  
Of course Shell is saying they are doing everything in their power to prevent what happened in the Gulf of Mexico not too long ago. They say they aren't going to drill in as deep of waters as they did in the Gulf. Yeah, yeah. That doesn't mean a spill won't happen period. No plan, no matter how much ground-breaking engineering work is involved, will be full-proof. Impossible. So Shell can't look those activists and those Alaskan natives in the eyes and tell them they won't kill the Arctic environment. If they do, they'll be bluffing, hoping to God that everything will be smooth sailing. Smooth sailing, pssh.

No one wants to kill off wildlife, but some people are just gambling with it a little too much (some people = U.S. gov't. and Shell). They're gambling their money and reputation, hoping the people who care about the environment won't rip their heads off. Well, bad news. People who care about the environment want to rip their heads off. I consider it good news, though. 
It just goes to show that humans actually care about this land we live in and the other creatures that live in it. It's refreshing. Obviously you can tell my side on the subject of Arctic drilling. I've been as subtle as an elephant in your kitchen. 
So, what are your thoughts on it all? Oil drilling altogether? Specifically in the Alaskan frontier? Activists being more of a nuisance than a helping hand? Bueller?  


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